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All of your SEO efforts will go in vain if your website’s content is not monitored and optimized properly. Google detests irrelevant, outdated or copied content and this is why you need experts for auditing the content on your website. Besides your website’s ranking, poorly audited content can drive away your visitors and potential customers from your website.

This is why it is important that you hire content auditing experts to get extensive insight to differentiate between valuable and useless content on your website. Use our experience in content auditing to scrap outdated and purposeless content off your website. We revamp your website’s content to check for keyword relevancy, content authenticity and base your content according to your current business goals. We have helped many businesses to achieve a healthier online exposure with current, engaging, and relevant content on their website. This helps the respective businesses by boosting traffic on their website and thus, generating more qualified leads.

Why is Content Audit Needed?

Businesses often make the mistake of adding new content to their websites without updating or editing their older content. Google favors updated content but it’s not all about SEO! If you think with the viewpoint of your audience/readers, any outdated content don’t really serve its purpose. Properly audited content can be effectively used to gain the attention of your target audience and build a loyal reader base. Therefore, auditing and regularly updating your website’s content help your business educate your consumer base as well as display your expertise in the industry.

With so much to gain, you can’t let pass the opportunity to stand ahead of your competitors because of your poorly audited website’s content. We can help your business with our well-established content auditing services.

Our Content Auditing Process

Collecting Data

We start by collecting all the available URLs from your website by using trusted tools such as Screaming Frog. Other tools such as Google Analytics are used to conduct further analysis pertaining to hyperlinks, backlinks, conversion rates, log files, and much more.

Bulk Check Of URLs

We analyze the available content on all the URLs on your website using reliable tools such as Content Analysis Tool and keep the most valuable ones at the core of the content portfolio. We use other analytical tools such as Google Analytics to check for buggy redirects, missing descriptions, index, metadata, and such others on all the web pages.

Review and Reporting

We review the web pages with outdated or purposeless content and repurpose it to suit your current business goals. Our experts conduct an extensive check of these URLs for all kinds of error both grammatical and server errors. Our team then provides you with a detailed report containing actions that can be taken on for your website’s content for boosted traffic and better conversions.